Best Cooler for Breast Milk

10 Best Cooler Bags for Breast milk

Traveling is all fun until you become a mother. Having a baby to travel with and particularly one relying on breast milk, is not easy. Also, it seldom happens that your flight or road trip schedule might match your baby’s breastfeeding time.

That means you’d have to pump the milk so that you could meet your baby’s appetite needs without any delays. For that, it’s essential to have the best cooler bags for breast milk where you can save the milk that can be used for later use.

Our Top Picks

Best Cooler Bags For Breast Milk

Product NameMaterial Capacity
Skip Hop Baby Bottle BagPolyester Holds 3 bottles
Idaho Jones Breast milk BagNylon8oz milk bottles
Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler BagMade with BPA-free & PVC-free Material8 to 12 oz
BABEYER Breast milk Cooler Bag Polyester9 OunceMilk Bottles
Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle BagMade with PEVA + PVC material4 8oz Milk bottles
Tiblue Breast milk Cooler Bag
Canvas8oz or 9oz Milk Bottles
Ceres Chill Breast milk CoolerMade with BPA Free Material 12oz – 34oz Milk Bottles
PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle CoolerFabric5 Ounces Milk Bottles
JAX 2020 Breast milk Cooler Bag Cotton9 x 7.2 x 7.2-inch 
Elvira Insulated Tote BagMade with Leakproof & Thermal Insulated Material 636 Cubic Inches

The best choice for saving this breast milk, which can also be stated as liquid gold, is to use the traveling cooler bags. Such bags can store your breast milk and help you use it whenever you want without any problem. Also, the best type of cooler bag is different for all and depends on the needs and duration during which you’d be traveling around. 

To make it easy for you, we’ve searched the internet and jotted down some of the best pump travel bags for breast milk that can save your day by finding the best solution to your problem.

Overall best Breast Milk Cooler

1- Skip Hop Baby Bottle Bag

Bottom Line:

This Skip Hop bag offers everything one can look for in storing milk bottles while traveling. It can be easily handled and doesn’t weigh much, so that it can be easily carried. The bottles stay at their original temperature for longer due to the interior lining. You should check this one out.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-open
  • adjustable strap
  • A well-insulated interior keeps milk bottles cold
  • Versatile Bag
  • Offers compact fitting
  • Can maintain the milk temperature for longer hours
  • It can offer space for just two bottles, so it can’t be used for longer trips. 

Looking to invest big in something that offers all the good things at once and spend the rest of the time being tension free? Then you should check out this Skip Hop Baby Bottle Bag. We added this product to the top of the list because it has all the necessary features we tried and can instantly attract the buyer’s eye.

With the ease of keeping two bottles at once, this insulated bottle bag can save much of your time, space, and money as you wouldn’t have to take multiple TSA-approved cooler bags for storing the milk bottles and sippy cups. This baby bottle bag offers the space for about two milk bottles and can keep them warm or cold, according to your needs, for much longer.

Also, we found that it offers an insulated travel bag interior supported with 100% polyester lining. This interior lining can maintain the temperature of the milk bottles or sippy cups to its actual condition for much of the time while traveling, be it hot or cold. Moreover, the lining offered by this bag is easily wipeable so that you can clean it according to your needs.

In addition, two-way zippers surprised us the most, which are inserted in the bag and can help you easily access the single or double milk bottle. An interior mesh is also supported inside the travel cooler Bags that can help store certain things. You can also attach this bag to your baby stroller, as it has an easy open adjustable strap. This bag weighs 25 pounds and offers dimensions of about 6.75l x 3.5wx 9h.

As far as we have found about it, this milk storage bag is far better than any skip Hop bag introduced before. They offer versatility and multiple necessary features that can draw your attention at once. This bag is very easy to handle, and even if you think it offers not a very interesting feature, its ease makes us put it at the top of the list.

Best Multipurpose Milk Bag
idaho Jones Breast milk Bag

2- Idaho Jones Breast milk Bag

Bottom Line

This Idaho Jones Breast milk refrigerated Bag can be used for multitasking, as you can store all your necessary daily items.

Apart from offering good space and conditions for milk bottle storage, this bag also can offer an area for your mobile and keys, and the best thing, diapers can be stored too.

The quality is great overall, with good straps and durable, easily cleanable material. You must try this bag if you’re a multitasker.

Key Features

  • Providing ultra-comfortable pumping
  • A backpack bag that fits breast pumps
  • Keep milk cold for at least 6 hours
  • Material is easy to clean
  • Lots of pockets to fit multiple things
  • Has a comfortable holdMakes travel pumping much easier
  • The zippers are rough

Do you want to look for a bag that can serve all purposes, for pumped milk or storing diapers? This bag has it all. You can use it during work hours or leisure time without any worry. This Idaho Jones bag can help you achieve all your needs related to your babies, during traveling, or even when you want to take it to your workplace.

This bag can be customized in all ways; whether you want to hold a bag adorned with an electric pump or transform it into a bag that can hold diapers, this Idaho Jones bag can serve all purposes. You can also use it as a professional breast milk laptop bag if you want to take your baby to your office.

Milk in a 6 inches milk bottle can be easily stored for about 6 hours due to its insulated interior. Also, this bag can hold keys, a laptop about 15 inches in size, a water bottle, a mobile phone, etc. A side pump pocket can hold large milk bottles, milk pumps, and bottle ice packs

This is the best cooler for easy cleaning, as the polyester and nylon material can be easily cleaned with water wipes. Also, these can be dried easily and fastly from condensation. In addition, this bag has wide backpack straps, and durable best-insulated tote handles made of vegan leather, so your shoulders and hands can be saved from any type of pain.

When we first used this bag, it surprised us with its multipurposeness. This bag is a perfect buy for you because you can store all sorts of diapers, keys, and other miscellaneous items. We have tried this product, and many others recommend it, so you should try it.

Best Bag for Cooling
Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

3- Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag

Bottom Line

The bag that can lessen your worries about whether the milk will remain cold for longer hours, this bag can serve you in this way. Having carefully inserted ice packs that can keep the bottles cold for about 8 hours, this bag can help you stay with no worries. Also, the bag has been laboratory tested, so you don’t need to worry about safety as much.

Key Features

  • Carry strap that is both detachable and adjustable
  • It keeps milk cool for up to 8 hours and keeps it safe
  • For extra milk storage bags, there is a mesh pocket
  • Great and cute design
  • Keeps things super cold
  • All sizes of bottles fit perfectly
  • A great option for travel cool
  • The sides are a little less sturdy and collapse after a bit

Want a bag that can keep the milk cool for the longest time, then get your hands on this Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag. We have seen that this bag features custom-designed ice packs that can keep the milk cold for almost 8 hours, a pretty long time, although it depends on the external temperature conditions too.

Also, this bag has a much taller design of about (6.5″x6.5×6.5″), so you can keep the milk bottles of about 4-8 oz easily inside the bag. Even a glass mason jar can be stored in this bag too. All kinds of big milk bottles, be they plastic or glass, can easily fit inside the bag, and the inner liquid can retain its original temperature too.

Moreover, apart from being stylish, this bag is highly functional too. There is a baby photo sleeve in it. A detachable and adjustable handle can help to hold the bag easily. An extra storage pocket stores many things that seem to be a burden in some ways. All in all, this bag has it all apart from keeping the milk cold for long hours. 

Lastly, this Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag features a premium nylon material surface that can be easily cleaned and is entirely durable. Also, this bag and its ice packs have been safety tested for peace of mind and meet all the international safety standards. This shows that this bag is Lead-free, phthalate-free, and free from BPA.

We found that many working moms or new moms found it challenging to carry the milk longer as it won’t sustain that temperature much. Therefore we have come up with this Sarah Wells breast milk cooling bag. It would remove your anxiety about the milk losing its temperature by giving it enough cooling system.

Best Large Size Cooler for Breastmilk
BABEYER Breast milk Cooler Bag

4- BABEYER Breast milk Cooler Bag

Bottom Line

The BABEYER Breast milk Cooler Bag can work best for you as you can store much of your things in it due to its large space. This bag stores everything by maintaining the temperature, whether the large number and size of milk bottles, your lunch, fruits, or any other miscellaneous stuff.

Key Features

  • Ensure constant temperatures
  • Multifunctional cooler bag for storing fruits Wipeable and waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value for money
  • Offers Large space
  • An ice pack may need some updates

If you are in search of the best cooler for breast milk that can make you tension free by offering lots of space so that you can fit those large-sized milk bottles without any worries, then check out this BABEYER Breast milk Bag. This diaper bag cooler offers enough space to fit the four milk bottles of about 9 ounces. 

Also, apart from the space offered by the best pump bag due to its L7″ x W6.9″ x H9.1 dimension, enough insulation is provided by the bag, in its ice pack, to these milk bottles due to the aluminum foil lining inside it. So, all the bottles remain at their original temperature for longer times. For about 8 hours, your milk would remain at the same temperature.

Moreover, this cooler for traveling can be multifunctional as you can use it as a lunch bag too, or store fruits or other foods due to its high-temperature adjustment. Also, you can free your hand because this best travel cooler for car has a detachable buckle strap design that can be easily attached to the strap. Adjacent pockets attached to the bag can help you put your extra things into it.

Lastly, this BABEYER Breast milk Bag has top-notch quality, apart from its design. It comprises a durable, smooth metal zipper and a high polyester fabric that is dirt-proof. Apart from that, the inner lining of the cooler bag is easily wipeable and waterproof, too, so you don’t need to worry if something spills inside the bag.

The reason we have put this bag in this top ten’s milk bags list is due to the humongous size it offers. We found out that this bag can store a large number of bottles with great ease. Therefore, you should think of checking it out too.

Best bag for long journeys
Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

5- Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

Bottom Line

The Momcozy bag serves just according to its name; it is the best for a mom. With good capacity, a detachable compartment that can help separate the clean and dirty parts, and offering a waterproof plus nontoxic environment to whatever you store inside it, this bag stands tall in all areas. You should check it out.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and fully insulated construction
  • Anti-theft pockets with a unique two-way zipper
  • Offers Sturdiness and Durability
  • Great for Daycare
  • Perfect for strictly pumping mamas
  • The size is a bit smaller

Travelling requires a lot of attention to each detail; the most important among them is packing up your things. With a baby, this packing can become more complicated, so you need a baby bag that can offer you space and temperature while maintaining conditions. Therefore, we checked out this Momcozy insulated baby bottle cooler bag.

We found out that the main feature of this bag is the Detachable Insulated freezer bag Compartment offered by it. You can remove the Insulated Compartment by separating it into 2 layers. The milk can then be stored in the lower layer. In contrast, the portable breast milk pump can be put into the upper compartment. You can use this bag according to your choices, without any hodgepodge.

This innovative and high-quality mom & baby bag can offer you comfort by offering space for 6 bottles at a time, offering perfect fitting. All the milk bottles of well-known brands, like Dr. Brown, Philips, Nuk, and Tommee, can be supported by this Momcozy insulated baby bottle bag. Also, an anti-theft pocket is inside the bag to keep your mobile or anything important.

The multifunction bag can also be used anywhere, especially if you need to Pack Food For Camping. It has a Full insulated waterproof 600D Peva Material installed into it that can protect the baby bottles, keep them effectively warm or cold, and offers a nontoxic and waterproof environment to them. The detachable buckle of this ergonomically designed bag can be attached to a stroller.

Like Backpack Coolers, it has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use. Having perfect cooling conditions, and that too for many things, made this bag the perfect choice for us. This bag is the updated version of its previous model and has a large cooling space system. So you should think of putting it in your cart.

Best Affordable Cooler Bag
Tiblue Breast milk Cooler Bag

6- Tiblue Breast milk Cooler Bag

Bottom Line

The Tiblue Breast milk in a Cooler Bag cools the milk for longer hours so that you can take it anywhere, anytime you want.

Your food will be protected entirely inside this travel coolerbag; you can effortlessly carry it wherever you go, going on a picnic at a beach or starting your day by going to the office.

Key Features

  • Ideal for daycare travel
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Easily portable and detachable
  • Offers a perfect fit for milk bottles
  • Can hold an entire spilled bottle without any leakage
  • Maintains temperatures for longer hours
  • There are some complaints about its stinking

Looking for a stylish cooler for breast milk with the best features and most affordable price, then look at this Tiblue Breast milk Cooler Bag. Being an incredible helper for a mom, this Tiblue Breast milk cooling bag can help a mom easily store up to 6 bottles, or if the bottles are in 8-9oz size, then almost 4 bottles can fit the bag under-insulated conditions.

We found that this type of multifunctional cooler bag can be used everywhere you go and offers premium quality by being thermally insulated. The Tiblue bag comprises 300D Composite Oxford Fabric, food-grade aluminum foil lining, and 8mm Extra thick EPE foam. This composition helps the bag to become water-resistant, nontoxic, lightweight, durable, and thermally insulated, keeping the temperature maintained and locking the nutrients.

Also, the aluminum foil lining is waterproof, repels moisture, and can be easily cleaned off if something spills in the bag. The presence of oxford fabric that is waterproof in composition resists abrasion, dirt, and water, thus protecting the inside items. Meanwhile, the outside pocket on the bag helps you store all the miscellaneous stuff like phones, keys, or anything of your use.

This bag can store the milk for 5 hours without any problem and offers a detachable buckle, making this bag extremely portable. The soft nylon handle can allow you to make this bag into a stroller so that you can carry the bag comfortably and effortlessly without any problem.

Like everyone around us, we also wanted to grab something that didn’t cost us many bucks while offering many features. So we searched it out by trying multiple products and came out with this Tiblue Breast milk Cooler Bag. We have enjoyed using it at a minimum Price; you should also try it.

Best Combination Cooler
Ceres Chill Breast milk Cooler

7- Ceres Chill Breast milk Cooler

Bottom Line

This milk chilling container has been a game changer in breast milktravel cooler systems. It has broken all the stereotypical features offered by the old chilling systems.

It’s convenient, offers more space, and can chill the milk for a long time, almost a whole day. Therefore, you should try this product as it would make your life easier.

Key Features

  • Interconnects major pumps
  • Ensures safe storage for over 20 hours
  • Keeps the milk cold throughout the day
  • Eliminates the need for ice bags and plastic baggies
  • Easy to handle
  • Color not as bright
  • Lil pricey

If you want an easy-to-use, stylish, compact Breast milk storage bag system that can transit thoroughly by your life, then we have checked out this Ceres Chill Breast milk cooler and would recommend it to you. This genius breast milk cooling system can wipe away all your worries with its cool working attitude, which can last much longer. Thus, you should never overlook the buying factor of this unique travel cooler for breast milk.

While the thermal freezer bags can offer you a temperature maintaining time of about 4-6 hours, this Ceres Chill would help you store the milk for about 20 long hours; yes you read it right. The milk can stay fresh for much longer, so you don’t need to worry about it. This means you can even travel for long hours with this best travel cooler for a car.

Also, to add your information, if you want the milk to stay chilled for more than 20 hours, just add some ice to it. Moreover, this milk chiller also does wonders with its capacity. It can store about 12-34 oz milk and is perfect for moms on the go. It is a very convenient product as you can pump milk directly into the chiller.

This milk container proves its versatility by being compatible with many pumps. If you want to feed the baby, just use the lid of the container as a milk bottle cooler bag to fulfill your child’s appetite. Lastly, this milk cooler, for traveling with dimensions of about 3.5 x 3.5 x 11 inches, can be hand-washed only, so you must be careful in this regard.

Nowadays, working spaces often lack much versatility. Most of the products offer just one or two features. But this Ceres Chill Breast milk Cooler has denied our views regarding the presentability of the products. We have enjoyed a smooth time with this product and suggest you try it too.

Best Designed Cooler
PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

8- PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler

Bottom Line

This bag has it all; the size is good, as it fits with little squishing of one corner. It is compact, cute, and great for working moms. The size is not big, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it carrying around. Therefore, this bag is a great solution for traveling around. Plus, the beauty factor adds more points to your bucket list.

Key Features

  • Maintain a cool, dry environment
  • Ensure exterior surfaces are spot-free
  • Best for traveling due to good freezing conditions
  • Offers sustainability
  • Convenient sort of best Cooler Bags for Breast milk all around
  • Eventually, the pack develops humps, which must be executed correctly.

Tired of those dull-colored bags that offer good quality but still feel sore to the eyes? We, too, felt the same thing once, but after much research, we have come to you with a travel breast milk cooler that works wonders. Not only can it keep all your things, apart from baby milk, fresh and chilled for longer hours, but also its presence would feel like a fresh breeze to you due to its beautiful eye-catching design and appearance. 

This PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Bag weighs about 1.54 pounds, so that it won’t put much pressure on your hands and shoulders. Also another notable feature of this bag is its being fully Freezable, as the name indicates. This means that this cooler bag wouldn’t require any separate ice bag to provide long chilling hours. 

The groundbreaking cooling design has a permanently built nontoxic Freezable gel inserted into the walls to keep the milk well chilled all the time.

Also, with dimensions of about 7.25 x 8.5 x 5.25 (lxwxh) inches, this bag offers a storage capacity of about 4 milk bottles measuring 5 oz of milk. You can also add additional items. Its usage works as you have to find this cooler flat and store it in the flying freezer for 12 hours (overnight). The walls would be frozen in the morning, and the mill would stay chill throughout.

A zippered closure can help lock cool and dry air inside, along with a soft handle to carry the food travel bag easily. The best-insulated cooler bag is composed of a nontoxic gel liner and gel. Also, it is free from PVC, lead, phthalate, and BPA. You can easily clean it out with water wipes.

Having a perfect product, having all the essential features, along with an eye-catching design, is a dream for many. So if you are among one of them, give it a thought by trying it out as your breast milk cooling system.

Best Large Cooler Bag
Breast milk Cooler Bag for breast milk

9- JAX 2020 Breast milk Cooler Bag for breast milk

Bottom Line

This breast milk bag cooler is super cute and easy to take places. It can help you with large milk storage and provides specific protection against spills that can spoil the whole bag from inside. Even though it’s a large bag, it can be used only for short trips.

Key Features

  • Storage Container for Tall Bottles
  • Easy To carry Shoulder
  • Bag Has Mesh Pocket for Ice Pack
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Works best for short trips
  • Very well insulated
  • You have to fill it fully to make the mill bottle cold

Do you want a large bag to fulfill your satiety regarding multiple products to be kept in one bag? Then it would help if you went for the JAX breast pump bag with a cooler ..Perfect for any outing, this best-insulated cooler bag has finally served as a tote bag that can keep you pumped and saves you from ls. For that, just uncap the sap located under the lid. Slide the milk storage bag with a strap and use the hole at the top. No more sticky spilled milk toppled over the milk bags.

Moreover, the milk is kept fresh, unlike those spoiled at room temperature. Instead, the milk in this breast milk storage cooler stays fresh and chilled. Also, the impressive dimension capacity of about 9 x 7.2 x 7.2 can help to store 6 milk bottles in the breast milk insulated bag. Also, an elastic strap snaps to the lid and hangs up to 6 milk storage bags.

Plus, there is an inner ice mesh pocket for storing ice packs. Inside, there is a thick and insulated aluminum foil lining, accompanied by the strap hanging milk storage bags, to prevent spilling of that liquid gold. The bottom of this breast milk chiller is wipeable so that you can keep the insulated bag for bottles free from dust and dirt.

This JAX 2020 milk cooling bag can function on multiple bases. Due to its well-insulated interior design, you can easily use this portable cooler for storing any of your favorite canned or bottled beverages. Apart from liquids, all solid lunches and cold snacks can be easily stored inside the smallest freezer bag for much longer hours.

This JAX breast milk cooling bag has it all. We were satisfied after just a single use as it fulfilled all our needs. That is the reason why we recommended it to you too.

Best Leak Proof Bag
Elvira Insulated Tote Bag

10- Elvira Insulated Tote Bag

Bottom Line

This Elvira Insulated Tote Bag is well known for its waterproof and anti-leakage features. This bag can make you stress-free from any type of leakage coming your way when you put the milk bottles inside. Also, this bag offers durability and Sturdiness so that it would last much longer.

Key Features

  • Reusable Leakproof Lunch Box
  • Durable Cooler Tote Bag
  • Best for Work School Picnic Beach
  • Cleaning is simple and easy 
  • A leak-proof seal
  • Durable
  • The shoulder slap may slip out sometimes

If you want a bag that can wipe out your stress regarding the leakage of milk bottles, or any other thing stored inside the bag, then you should check out this Elvira Insulated bag, as it would wipe away all your worries related to this problem. We also faced this feature in our previous cooling bag; therefore, we suggested it to you.

This best Breastmilk Cooler bag is equipped with an eco-friendly waterproof lining made of polyester and is supported with seamless hot press technology. This lining is leakproof, soft, and can be easily cleaned. 

So, you wouldn’t have to worry much. Also, this best-insulated bag can help you to deal with the daily grind, as it has a 4mm EPE foam padded inside that will keep the milk or any other thing cold or warm for about 4-6 hours.  

Moreover, the Elvira bag offers a large capacity due to its food compartment (11.8″L x 5.9″W x 9″H). This way, you can store 4 milk bottles or even 12 food cans. A front and back pocket also provides space for miscellaneous items like keys, mobile, tissue, bus cards, etc., which you want to store.

Also, this storage bag is made of oxford fabric that offers high quality and a waterproof system. Enhanced bartacks and heavy-duty zippers at significant stress points provide long-lasting durability. Also, a detachable buckle makes this bag portable. It can be used as a milk storage bag, lunch bag, or shopping bag.

A bag leakage can ruin your entire day. It happened to us once, and that day we got on a mission to find the best leak proof bag, and this bag ended our searching process. We hope that this recommendation of ours will be beneficial for you too.

Ultimate buyer’s guide

A Quick Guide to Buying Best Cooler Bags for Breast milk

We have presented you with our top priorities while looking for the breast milk thermos Bags. But the thing is, not everything is good for everyone. What suits you might not suit the other person. This is because of the priorities that every person sets while they purchase anything. 

Just like that, these Breast milk carrying Cooler Bags also have features that need critical attention before investing money in their purchase. So, to make it easy for you, we have tried to gather all the necessary features to consider when buying a Breastmilk thermos Cooler Bag.

Here are some of those things

1- Insulation Factor

Choosing a breast milk cooling bag with the best insulated interior design should be your top priority, no matter how long you travel. Knowing that your stored milk has retained its original and consistent temperature is essential. This can help in the provision of your peace of mind and is critical for your baby’s health.

Having good insulation can help maintain the milk temperature for longer hours. Also, milk can retain its originality this way.

2- Storage Capacity

A large-sized best cooler bags for breast milk is necessary if you travel long distances. Also, if the program is to stay for several days without access to the freezing system, a larger freezing capacity would be required. 

Through the presence of this Cooling capacity, you may be able to store sufficient amounts of ice packs for breast milk or even simple ice. 

You can place this along the baby’s milk bottles. Also, they can be used along breast milk storage bags. Therefore, always look for a cooling bag that can offer large storage space to enjoy your trip wholeheartedly. However, the best option would be to opt for plane flights to these areas, as they serve as a more confined space for this purpose.

3- Care and Cleanliness

The best Breast milk Cooler among all the milk cooling bags would be the one having easy cleaning options. You’d be very comfortable getting a bag that can be easily wiped out or tossed in a machine to deal with dust and dirt. 

Also, a best cooling bag for breast milk having an outer surface that is stain resistant should be your go-to choice while selecting the right bag, as there are more chances of bags being soiled out while traveling.

4- Comfort over Style

In this materialistic world, looks are what we often go for. While running behind the style, we often forget the value of characteristics offered by a thing. Therefore, you should always put comfort above style whenever you choose between them. 

However, luckily now, every tote milk bag being introduced offers both things side by side. You can find style and comfort, as many options are available. All you have to do is to find the perfect travel choice for yourself practically.

5- Cooling Method

While choosing the best cooler bag for storing Breast Milk [2], you would find limited cooling options in this regard. As you’d know now, the most commonly known method for cooling in these travel freezer bags is ice packs, so most breast pump bag with cooler come with ice packs that suit their dimensions. Also, freezer bags can be used and replaced, but they should be full of ice.

Also, baby milk can be added to the family cooler too. All you have to consider here is the number of times this cooler is opened and closed. This would show whether the cooler can have maintained temperatures for your stored Breastmilk.

The only option is using an electrically powered cooler, even though it is the least available and trickiest way to go. This option can come in handy for long road trips with a small freezer that is easy to plug in. However, there are chances that your best milk storage bags may break down, leaving you stranded nowhere. 

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