Bird dog Coolers Review

Bird Dog Coolers Review (Ultimate Buyer’s Guide)

Outdoor enthusiasts swear by bird dogs. A bird dog signifies loyalty, intelligence, and reliability for those unfamiliar with hunter terms. When a brand named Bird Dog announced the release of their coolers, you can bet it had the community engaged.

Introduced to the public in 2017, Bird Dog Coolers is a company that launched the Big Dog Outbound Cooler collection. It was designed in such a way that campers could easily pack their favorite foods and beverages for a week of fun.

Bird Dog leverages the techniques used by high-end brands and offers products with the best features at a fraction of the price. Of course, we had to do a Bird Dog coolers review.

Bird Dog Cooler Review

To compete with market leaders such as the Orca, Pelican, or Yeti, the Bird Dog Outbound coolers needed to grab the market’s attention with great features. For now, these coolers are available in three different sizes to meet your various wilderness excursion needs.

Bird Dog Outbound Coolers Line Up

Like we already said, the present lineup of Bird Dog Coolers isn’t the best, with only three products to choose from. The company seems to be invested in only hard-sided coolers currently. Within this category, there are three models: Outbound 20, Outbound 45, and Outbound 75.

Outbound 20

Outbound 45

Outbound 75

Much like with most coolers, the number alongside the model name represents the number of storage volumes of the cooler gas (in quarts). For example, the Outbound 20 will offer about 20 quarts of volume.

While having only three size choices is a bit restricting, Bird Dog Coolers probably had a plan. We have seen that most brands’ 20 q, 45 q, and 75 q models are the best sellers. So it comes as no surprise that Bird Dog Coolers’ three available models are the best Bird Dog coolers there are.

You will find numerous layouts and similar features regardless of which model you choose. The only visible variation apart from the difference in sizing is in the handle of the most petite models. Unlike its bigger counterparts, the 20 quarts model uses an overhead carrying handle, a standard feature for coolers this size.

The Outbound 20, the smallest of them all, is also the most versatile choice. Do not let the size fool you – these coolers have a lot of space inside. Next, the Bird Dog 45 is the lineup’s workhorse, capable of loading about 42L liquids. Lastly, the 75 quarts option is better for people dedicated to camping, fishing, or hunting.


Sizing and Build

Bird Dog is available in three sizes. Each size impresses with the same durable and rugged rotomolded construction. It is also paired with thicker walls; each cooler is perfect for anyone looking for more than just a show ice box. They may not be the most durable ice boxes the market offers, but of coarse, you can subject these to a bit of wear and tear without stressing over leaks or cracks.

The solitary mold body eliminates weak points and seams, a key issue with weaker and thinner coolers.


Thick walls featuring Bird Dog coolers are an efficient method of insulation. They keep the ice in amazing shape for a maximum of five days. The snap-tight latches provide a vacuum-like barrier, preventing cool air from escaping and hot air from entering.

They have been recessed inside the cooler’s body to make the latches low-key enough for a snag-free experience.


Side carry handles are included on the 45 and 75-quart variants, which are made of nylon. Instead of the rigidity connected with plastic, this handle is more easily tucked away and adjustable. The 20-quart variant, on the other side, features a sturdy plastic handle on the top with a cushion sleeve for better carrying.

No-mark feet cover the bottom of the Bird Dog Cooler in order to keep the ice box in place – no more slipping around the back of the truck.

Multipurpose Dual Locks

It turns out that the plates of the dual lock aren’t only for sealing. They also serve as a great safe from thieves and work like opener for bottles. When you need to open a can, the cooler offers a pressure relief valve. Now you can safely open cans without damaging yourself or your cooler.

One twist is all it takes to release the pressure from the sealed product.

Bird Dog Ice Chest Bonus

Still not sold on the Bird Dog coolers despite this thorough Bird Dog coolers review? The added features may change your mind.

Included with every cooler are an excellent dry basket, a cutting board, and cup holders. The cup holder is a welcome addition, and the board helped reserve space. To add to its overall appeal, Bird Dog also includes holders for fishing pole.

Bird Dog Cooler Ice Life

The cooler has to shine in features, appearance, and pricing in a crowded market to outshine its competition. The top factor that consumers will consider is ice life. Bird Dog states that their coolers can hold ice life for up to five days.

We have to count many factors when analyzing ice retention. Such as- outdoor condition, the features of the cooler itself, how much ice it contains, how often it is being opened, and more.

What contributes to the overall ice life, you may ask? Some variables include a good rubber gasket, relatively strong rotomolded walls, strong latches, heightened feet, and so on. But how would we derive quantitative data from the qualitative variables?

The ice life results of Bird Dog coolers are extremely similar to the results you would get from the corresponding model of a rival brand. If a Yeti 45 could hold ice up to 4 days, the Bird Dog 45 can do the same. Bird Dog cleverly incorporated all the high-performing specifications in their products.

In the case of specific numbers, based on which cooler size you have chosen and the exterior conditions, you can expect ice retention to range between 40 to 140 hours. This simply means that regardless of which models you buy and what environment you expose the ice box to, these coolers should last you at least one weekend as long as it is brimming with ice.


Bird Dog did not cut out on the aesthetics while focusing on the features. The overall contours and shape of the cooler do shine bright thanks to the interesting front face design. Combined with the appealing latch system, these ice chests flaunt a professional look.

Those who need the adrenaline of an outdoor journey will surely appreciate the aesthetics of the Bird Dog Outbound coolers. They come in seven colors: White, Tab, Seafoam, Ice Blue, Pink, Orange, and Hunter Green. Currently, the brand does not do any patterned or multi-color options.

This issue isn’t all that big. With how rapidly Bird Dog is growing, there is a possibility they will be expanding their color range very soon. Moreover, at this time, we do not have information on any customization shop that does logos, decals, etc.

Is the Price Worth It?

As a premium ice chest, Bird Dog coolers are not for those looking for budget-friendly options. In our Bird Dog coolers review, we have mentioned the specifications of their products, and these features come at a price. Their superior build quality, ice retention, and specifications justify the higher price to a great extent. But how does the Bird Dog cooler fare against similar ice boxes in today’s market?

We found that the Bird Dog coolers can be placed on the lower-middle spectrum of the premium pricing level. In simpler words, while not as affordable as the average ice box, it can still be considered a luxury product. They are certainly cheaper than some of their most prominent competitors, Yeti, Orca, and Pelican.

Overall, we find this price point okay for the coolers you get. While still pricey, Bird Dog coolers provide incredible value, fantastic ice retention, numerous useful features, and pleasing aesthetics.

Is the Bird Dog Ice Chest Worth the Weight?

Today, more and more people are inclining toward an outdoor lifestyle. To match the growing need, companies have started making bigger ice coolers with greater capacities. However, as a general trade-off, these ice box weights are also on the rise.

The Bird Dog Outbound collection does not wow with innovative or new features, but it does get major brownie points by offering a decent cooler at a competitive price tag.

You can thank its China manufacturing origin for this. The mention of China repulses some people but rest assured, most of the goods you are consuming now hail from that region. Overall, getting so many things at a lower price is nice.

One feature we enjoyed with the Bird Dog coolers is their protective 5-year manufacturer warranty. Five years is a relatively long period for gears undergoing regular environmental abuse.

Bird Dog Coolers vs. Yeti: Battle of the Big Boys

So, we have already discussed how Bird Dog features numerous specifications you would find in other coolers from popular brands, but how does the price variation genuinely contribute to more success?

To start, the Yeti Roadie 20 quarts boasts a significant technological jump as it features a 3″ permafrost insulation to trap the coolness inside.

Both Yeti and Bird Dog prepare their coolers through Rotomolding, which allows them to increase the durability of their products.

A problem with these products, however, happens to the availability. Bird Dog is currently unavailable in various sizes, while competition Yeti has stocked large volumes to meet your needs.

If you care about the aesthetics of your ice box, Yeti would be the better option for you. The brand has years of experience constructing products that are an instant hit with the public. The new Bird Dog coolers present a fantastic possibility for new buyers to kick-start their new journey. People do not have to sacrifice features and quality as there are plenty of brilliant models at fair prices, like this one. You might feel a bit too risky to buy a lesser-known brand, but Bird Dog is slowly creeping to the top of these lists.

The Verdict

Our goal was to provide an honest, simple Bird Dog coolers review. Ultimately, we feel Bird Dog is a market leader in the making. They feature many of the best cooler features in their affordable products, which raises more customers.

While many do not understand the mechanics behind a Yeti’s cooling, they surely resonate with how durable and strong the product is. In conclusion, there are too many features to ignore the Bird Dog coolers, so it is a yes from us.


Bird Dog coolers are available in 20 quarts, 45 quarts, and 75 quarts. You can buy these from their official store or third-party sites like Amazon.

You would not need more than the 20 quarts model for two people.

A 20-quart cooler can be expected to store 20 cans or 14 pounds of ice.

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