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Is Yeti Hopper Worth it? | YETI Hopper Full and Honest Review

We all want to enjoy our drinks cold because that is when it feels the most refreshing. We want them cold in our home, pool, and even when we are in camp. But it is not like you can carry your freezer with you everywhere. You need something portable yet long-lasting and durable like your freezer. That is where the Yeti Hopper comes in.

Now we know that some of you think of the Yeti Hoppers as an overpriced soft shell cooler. But don’t be fooled. The price may be high but it is up to the level of service the soft shell Yeti hoppers will give you. It is not just the brand image of Yeti but also the service and durability of their products that justify their high price tags.

There are many reasons why the Yeti hopper is so much better than the other similar-looking coolers on the market. In this honest review of the Yeti Hopper, we are going to see these reasons and why it is worth the high price.

Yeti Hopper Review Summary

The Yeti Hoppers are arguably one of the best soft-sided coolers in the market. There are many different models of the Yeti Hoppers that have different design lids and capacities. All of them are top-notch when it comes to durability, portability, and packability. But in terms of thermoregulating, it is not as good as the other regular soft-shell coolers in the market.

So if you are someone that needs to use a portable cooler regularly, the Yeti Hoppers are the best choice for you. If you use a cooler hardly once or twice a year, go for the other cheap ones.

  • 3 years warranty
  • Nylon webbing straps
  • 100% waterproof
  • Waterproof and airtight zipper
  • Durable outer softshell
  • Some models have an inconvenient opening
  • Too expensive


By the looks of the Yeti Hopper, it may seem like an ordinary cooler but it is far from that. The Yeti Hopper coolers are designed by keeping the comfort of the carrier in mind. There are many variances of the Yeti Hopper and they are available in many colors. You can find a square chest-like cooler, a lady’s side bag type cooler, and a big backpack-like cooler. The shape of them makes them easy to carry. The soft sides will give the wearer much comfort.

All of the Yeti Hoppers come with handles which are very handy for carrying them on short trips. They also come with long shoulder straps for extra advantage and the backpack-designed coolers have a double shoulder strap to carry it on your back, leaving your hands free for longer trips.

In addition to the shoulder straps, we can see some mole-style loops at the side of the Yeti Hoppers. You can attach some more accessories and essentials to them. For example a water bottle or Yeti’s sidekick bags that can hold your accessories like mobile and headphones.

So design-wise, the Yeti Hoppers does stand up to its price.

Yeti Hopper Performance


The Yeti Hopper outperforms all the other soft-shell coolers in the market. Even after 24 hours of a hot summer day, there is still considerable ice left in the Yeti hopper and thus the beer and other drinks are still cold. In terms of the temperature, you will get better performance from the Yeti Hoppers but not by that much (one to five degrees).

So if we speak out our opinion of the Yeti Hoppers insulation, it is that the Yeti Hopper will keep your drinks and beers cooler for longer than other soft-shell coolers on the market but the temperature will remain almost the same as the other ones.


Whenever we think of soft-shell coolers, we think of them as less durable and cannot withstand stress. But Yeti has proved us wrong here. All Yeti Hopper soft-shell coolers are made from durable materials. It is strong, tear and drag-proof. Some bloggers even tested the durability of the Yeti Hopper with two other coolers together. The Yeti Hopper survived a three-mile drag at the back of a car running at 20mph. The result was a few minor scuffs and scratches. So if you are looking for a softshell cooler to carry around in tight places, the Yeti Hopper makes a great choice.

Moreover, there is a 3-year warranty on the hoppers if they sustained heavy damage.


Functionality-wise the Yeti Hoppers have nothing exceptional except the airtight zipper. The zippers are both waterproof and airtight which helps to insulate the ice and drinks better. The zippers may be an advantage of the Yeti Hoppers but it is a great deal of problems for the side bag type coolers. Those coolers from Yeti are very rigid on the zipper parts. When you unzip and reach into the drinks inside, the zippers will bite your hand. It is not very pleasant.

All Yeti Hoppers come with mole-style hooks. You can attach more accessories to them. Or attach another additional bag to them to keep your hands free.

Finally, let us talk about the inside of the bag. It has a flat and sturdy bottom. You can easily fill it with ice and the drainage plug helps you to easily drain the water out of the bag. The space inside is pretty big to house enough drinks and beers for a long road trip.

The design of the bag is a part of its functionality. The handles in all the Yeti Hoppers make it easy to carry for short trips.


The price of the Yeti Hoppers is the biggest disadvantage. It sits between $150 to $300. Based on the model it changes. Some may say it is overpriced but we say it is justified. Just think of its durability and longer insulation. You cannot get the same level of performance in a cheap soft-shell cooler.

Our Verdict

The Yeti Hoppers are arguably the most durable soft shell coolers out on the market. But it is very expensive. If you need to use a cooler on a regular basis, we would recommend you to get a Yeti Hopper. It will be your money well spent.

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