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YETI Cooler Colors 2022 – The Best Guide for Every Yeti Cooler

One of the reasons Yeti coolers are so popular is the unique colour options they offer. For their coolers, You can choose from a variety of Yeti cooler colors. The basic colours of the big and small YETI coolers can be easily found online, and some limited edition coolers can only be found through independent retailers.

Additionally, You can make a decision based on your preferences and needs. With a pink cooler, women can desire to express themselves. Also, Men can join in the fun by selecting coolers that complement their style. The different YETI cooler colours get mentioned below;

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Basic YETI Cooler Colors


The most common and iconic color of the YETI cooler is white. Also, the cooler’s initial hue, Yeti’s pure white, has become well-known and is a year-round seller. Also, white is the most popular yeti cooler color among all other colors.

Since white reflects the most heat and light, it is also the colour that keeps ice the longest. Both the YETI online store and independent merchants have them in stock.

●Desert Tan:

Another color offered year-round is the desert tan cooler color. Popular with hunters because it mixes in better and doesn’t stick out as much.

In addition to hiding scuffs and scrapes well, a desert tan doesn’t darken as much over time as white when exposed to red clay soil. Also, desert Tan doesn’t fade as much when regularly exposed to red clay dirt and conceals scuffs and scratches well.


Yeti’s first color option outside the customary white or desert tan was Ice Blue. Also, this calm blue contrasts sharply with the lighter Reef Blue mentioned below. If you adore this hue as much as I do, there remains stock on Amazon.

●Navy Blue:

Navy was originally a limited edition YETI cooler color, but it proved so popular that YETI added it as a standard choice for the Tundra 65. we also wrote a comparison guide for yeti tundra 45 vs 65. it might be helpful for you.

The most fantastic heat-absorbing hue YETI offers is navy, which is also the darkest shade. However, getting a hue like this is crucial for cold retention, especially since a YETI cooler can keep your food cold for at least 60 hours under the proper conditions.


In the past, Yeti only offered charcoal as a unique edition color; however, in October 2019, charcoal made a significant comeback for hard-sided coolers.

Also, Not as commonly accessible as white or tan is charcoal. It’s a limited edition color, but it’s a standard color for the Roadie. Although extremely dark, charcoal is balanced and blends with anything like white.

Limited edition yeti cooler colors:


With this release, you won’t find a pink yeti Tundra because YETI only offers its Roadie 24 in Bahama Pink.

Also, there are still pink yeti coolers accessible for both the Yeti Roadie and Yeti 35, even though they are no longer being sold on their website. This pink cooler leans more toward femininity and is a limited edition.


A deep color is harvest red yeti. Only Roadie 24 and Haul, etc., were eligible for its release. If you like the color and see it available in stock, you might want to get it right now because YETI is selling the final of these. Also, 63 soda or beer cans can fit in this cooler.

It is also portable since, when emptied, it only weighs a few pounds. This red yeti cooler is one of the most affordable coolers of good quality. Also, a draining hole and plug are rust and leak-proof in this yeti cooler color.


A well-liked replacement for the Pink cooler from YETI that has been retired is the coral color. Also, coral is no longer offered on the company’s website and is much more of a salmon-like tint. However, occasionally you can find it on external websites like Amazon and others.

Coral is an orangey-pink hue that takes its cues from sunrises and sunsets. On the main Yeti website, these yeti colors are now out of stock despite being released in 2018. This color is not sold in stores. But Amazon still has it in stock.


However, just like the weather, things change. Seafoam was previously a well-liked maritime hue. Plus, people didn’t connect with the shade as strongly with the mass-popularization of YETI as the marine majority did.

It’s still a lovely pastel shade that occasionally appears as the best color for a yeti cooler. Also, The soft-sided cooler from Yeti is now available in the brand’s Fall River Green.

An essential aspect of new Yeti products release:

Eight new colors for YETI’s accessories will also get released in 2022. Also, these releases are usually coordinated by YETI with the seasons. Fan favorites, including Pink, Red, and many others, are brought back during the company’s seasonal smaller runs.

Additionally, Yeti appears to be providing more color options for their bottles and tumblers than for their hard-sided coolers. It is conceivable that this is because powder painting cups and bottles are both simpler and more affordable than changing the colors of a rotomolded cooler.


1. What color yeti cooler should I get?

The Yeti Rambler is an exceptional Yeti product that keeps beverages temperature balanced for an absurdly long time. While the insulation is impressive, the clever lid sets it apart from every other on the market.

Also, Cooler colors impact ice retention times less than many assumptions. So this is one of the best of the Yeti cooler colors 2021 collections you should get.

2. What is the most popular yeti cooler color?

The insulated coolers YETI Tundra are its best-known product. White and Desert Tan are also the most excellent and functional YETI cooler colors.

Also, a cooler hue affects ice concentration, but not as much as some might assume. At its worst, a white cooler maintained its ice for a full day lengthier than a greyish or darker version.

3. Does the color of a Yeti cooler matter?

The most crucial aspect is whether or not you like the color of your YETI cooler. Technically, coolers with dark hues also don’t retain ice, and coolers with brighter colors absorb heat more readily. White is the best yeti cooler color as a result. However, in actuality, color doesn’t matter so much.

4. What color yeti cooler should I get for my boyfriend?

At 21 inches, the Tundra 35 cooler is the ideal choice. The cooler shown in several online videos on the web is the identical one.

Also, Choose the Tundra 45 if you’re seeking the most helpful cooler from Yeti cooler color options. Your YETI will stay fresh and white for years if you keep it scratch-free. However, grime will assemble along the scars as the polymer collects scrapes and scuffs from excursions. However, many view this as a source of pride and a testament to an adventurous life.

5. What is the best yeti cooler color?

The most common and fundamental YETI cooler color is white. Additionally, the Yeti Rambler is the top choice for the ultimate water bottle of 2021 among all yeti cooler colors. Also, this bottle keeps beverages hot or cold for an absurdly long period. Its clever cover set it apart from other flasks on the market.


As a conclusion, I would like to mention that not every retailer has every color of Yeti cooler. Only the two primary colors, white and desert tan, and the contemporary limited edition colors that Yeti are advertising, will get sold on the company’s website.

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