What Size of Yeti Cooler Do I Need?

You’ve researched about YETI coolers, learned the pros and cons and studied every little feature. But then you got hit with this one question, “What size of YETI cooler do I need?”

Let’s face it. YETI is perhaps the best cooler manufacturer in the market. The designs are versatile, durable, and portable. There’s very little reason to not like it and the market knows it too. That’s why the market demand is so high. It can sustain in multiple terrains without any trouble.

What’s really frustrating though, is picking the right size. YETI’s model number is different from its actual capacities in quarts. That said, a YETI 35 can only hold 29 quarts and some goes for all other models.

Our Suggested YETI Cooler Sizes for Different Activities

  • YETI Roadie 24 are best for quick day trips and can hold up to 18 cans of beer (2:1 ice ratio)
  • YETI Tundra 35 and 45 are best for, camping and fishing through the weekend
  • YETI Tundra 65 to 125 are best for hosting parties at home
  • YETI Tundra 160 to 250 is best for commercial use
  • YETI Hopper 8 to 24 for a quick day hike with friends

Ahead, we will look at the different YETI coolers and their sizes. How much they can fit and how to choose the best cooler for you.

Why Yeti Coolers are so Popular

Perhaps the reason why YETI is so popular is that they focus heavily on marketing and branding. Not to mention, they were the first to produce such a high quality cooler for the outdoor/adventure market.

Despite YETI not being a feature-focused cooler and is definitely a lot more expensive than its competitors. YETI has become a lifestyle brand in the outdoor and adventure category. They have made themselves the Apple of coolers.

As a matter of fact, YETI products are so popular that some people collect YETI coolers as a hobby. Yes, you heard that right. They collect coolers as a hobby.

That includes celebrities as well including Sandra Bullock, Mat Damon and Joe Rogan.

Some of them buy different colors of the same model, some spend hundreds of dollars just to get their hands on limited editions. Some even travel to different towns just to find a YETI product.

YETI Cooler Models and Their Capacity Based on Number of Beers and Pounds of Ice

This estimation is based on a 2:1 ice-to-can ratio by volume. That said, if you divide your cooler into 3 divisions, 2 divisions will be ice and 1 division will be beers.

ModelCooler WeightCans of BeerPounds of Ice
Roadie 2412.8 lbs1824
Tundra 3520 lbs2128
Tundra 4523 lbs2835
Tundra 6529 lbs4256
YETI V Series35 lbs4665
Tundra Haul37 lbs4555
Tundra 7534 lbs5766
Tundra 10536 lbs6792
Tundra 11039 lbs74101
Tundra 12548 lbs92129
Tundra 16054 lbs115159
Tundra 21062 lbs162208
Tundra 25070 lbs181232
Tundra 35089 lbs259329
Hopper 82.8 lbs88
Hopper 123.1 lbs1315
Hopper 185.1 lbs2020
Hopper Backflip 245.3 lbs2025
Hopper M307 lbs2028
Information from YETI.com

Tips on How to Know Which YETI Cooler to Get

1. Does it Fit Your Car?

Often times we try to get the cooler with the most capacity, and that’s cool. Until we have to take them somewhere and there’s no way to put the cooler.

I found that you can place up to the size of a YETI Tundra 45 in the trunk without any problem. Anything bigger than that may make it hard for you to bring other things.

2. Do You Like Drinking in Different Spots?

Sometimes you drive into a camping spot only to find out that you need to hike a few kilometers to get there. If you have a rotomolded cooler, that would definitely be a challenge to take it there.

If you love hiking and drinking at different spots, I highly recommend getting the Hopper Backflip 24.

3. What Activities Do You Do?

Whatever you plan to do, there’s always a YETI cooler for you.

Hosting parties with friends and family? Then YETi Tundra 65 to 125 can surely hold more beers you can handle.

Do you plan to go on a fishing trip for the weekend? Then maybe you need a bigger Tundra 160 to store you catch.

Plan to sell perishable goods outdoor? Then maybe a YETI 250 ain’t so bad.


Choosing the right size of cooler depends on a number of factors. Now that you know and can visualize how much they can hold, it’s up to you to decide which one fits you right.

I hope this article served its purpose and helped you choose the right size and model of your YETI cooler.