Yeti Roadie 24 Review

Yeti Roadie 24 Review – Performance

Planning the perfect weekend without the perfect cooler must be a bummer. Yeti brings you the best cooling experience to make your weekend plans chillier than ever!

Check out this Yeti Roadie 24 review and why you must get the new Yeti Roadie 12 before anyone else does!

Yeti Roadie 24 Review Summary

The Yeti Roadie 24 cooler is something, we have not seen in the previous models. It is new and unique and definitely one of its own kind. We can guarantee you that it is currently the best cooler on the market you can count on.

While being rough and tough both inside and outside, this cooler is extremely lightweight which lets you travel with the cooler effortlessly. Yeti finally replaced the metallic handle and introduced the most flexible latch for easier operations. With the latch upgrade, now you can operate everything with one hand. Yeti is ready to set the bar higher this time with the new cooler. 

  • An upgrade in the handle.
  • Spacier design.
  • Lighter than ever.
  • Enhanced thermal capacity.
  • Protective seal
  • Not 100% airtight.


Yeti finally decided to level up their game with a level-up design this time, something not too like the old Yeti and definitely something better. Introducing the new Yeti Roadie 24! 

Yeti landed some exciting coolers this time with a total of seven color variants the new Yeti Roadie 24 is on its way to make a permanent place in people’s hearts. We must say, we are quite impressed with the color options this time. In case you want to know about the shades, here are the color schemes for the new Yeti Roadie 24- aquifer blue, ice pink, navy, charcoal, sagebrush green, desert tan, and white. 

Other than the fun color options, Yeti decided to keep the overall design pretty minimalist while putting on their logo on the front side in bold.  

Yeti declared that this time they are offering 20% more space capacity with this new upgrade. That’s a huge commitment in the first place. Although it’s actually true that the new Yeti cooler is actually spacier. 

With the new upgrade now you can store at least one wine bottle inside the cooler along with soda cans. Not only that, you can place the wine bottle upright inside the cooler. Note that, the height has to be a maximum of 13 inches whereas competing coolers like Orca 26 Quart Cooler can only offer an interior height of a maximum of 11 inches. 

Moving on, Yeti offered a lighter cooler this time which is at least 10% lighter than the previous coolers Yeti brought in the cooler market. You can easily transport this new cooler wherever you go. Moreover, you can single-handedly carry the cooler wherever you go.

Now, let’s get into the core details about the build. This cooler here is built sturdier than ever. You can use this cooler as a seat as well. We will come back to this later because we have something interesting to share with you now.

This Yeti Roadie 24 left the metal handle behind for once and for all. Honestly, that’s something we were looking forward to this time because a metal handle is nothing but a hassle that adds up unwanted weight other than being completely needless. We are glad that Yeti realized that because it is better late than never. 

The new handle is designed for easier hauling and carrying with more ease. This new upgrade helps connect the cooler to clip with anchors if that’s necessary. By the design upgrades, you can already tell that Yeti has tried really hard this time to bring some unique yet effective upgrades thinking about their customers’ needs. Note that, you can additionally take the handles off the main design if that’s what you want.

This time, Yeti brought the quick seal technique with the quick latch. If you prefer working singlehandedly then you will love this new feature. Other than that, the seal is pretty sturdy and keeps your stuff inside the cooler. You can easily and flexibly operate the latch.

Lastly, Yeti Roadie 24 accessories include ice blocks, a seat cushion, a tundra basket, and more

Yeti Roadie 24 Performance


As a small cooler, the new Yeti has impressive insulation. With such a small area, the cooler does a great job of keeping things chilled for a decent amount of time. In the cooler market, among the same sized coolers, this cooler is doing a great performance for 68 hours straight. Comparing with its own products, this cooler is 30% better than its previous model Roadie 20. When it comes to insulation for a day or two, nothing can beat the performance of the Yeti Roadie 24.


Landing such a great cooler, while being ready to pay for it must come with some long-term commitments, right? The good construction can be determined but the design of the cooler. It is so sturdy that the brand itself invites you to use it as a seat. All you have to do is, place a comfy cushion on top of the cooler and sit for as long as you want. The robust design does not give us the vibe that this cooler would ever break into pieces for sitting on the top for hours.


The yeti roadie 24 is an excellent choice when it comes to traveling to distant places. What makes us say that? The cooler is 10% lighter than the predecessor. Not only that, the new handle upgrade makes moving the cooler from one place to another, better than ever. 


For $199.99 you are landing a great deal in our opinion. If you compare the price of the competing coolers along with the features they are offering, Yeti Roadie 24 would be the MVP there with no doubt.

Our Verdict

If you want a small cooler for the fun weekends then yous should definitely get your hands on this one over any other cooler in the market.

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