How to Keep Drinks Cold Without a Fridge?

Nothing beats having ice cold drinks on a hot summer day! It could seem pretty impossible to get an ice cold beverage when you’re amidst the wilderness on a camp field or driving the car, or at the beachside with no fridge around. We’re sure that nothing can be more horrid. Than a warm and flat-tasting can of drink!

However, you don’t have to worry because we’ve got you covered with some easy, yet amazing ways that answer how to keep drinks cold without a fridge! So, what are you waiting for? Cover yourself with your favorite sunscreen and let us guide you as you keep scrolling down!

Get a Cooler?

Purchase a cooler, you could possibly have Ice cold beverages for many days at a time. The better the cooler often the better the ice retention is. We have reviewed several coolers here which may suit your requirements. The team here at thermal bags are massive fans of YETI coolers they are known to be one of the best brands of coolers and often have the best results. You can find them here.

Ice Bath

Ice Bath

You might have seen in a drinks advertisement how they take out a freezing bottle of drink from an icebox and throw it into mid-air. Looks inviting, doesn’t it? Well, it is practically a common method to keep drinks and other things cold.

You just need to carry a bag of ice for this purpose. If you forgot to bring that then there’s the supermarket at your service. They have ice bags for quite a reasonable price. However, the ice needs to be placed in a cooler or any sort of container and the drink bottles need to be submerged in it!

This process is popular all over the world and you should try it too. And, to your delight, this process not only keeps the cold drinks at the same temperature, instead it turns them even cooler with time, so you get extra coolness with this method, which is awesome, right?

A Pinch of Salt Can Do Wonders

If the ice bath method is achievable for you then we suggest you spread some salt over the ice for a better result. Wondering why would you do that? Then, let us tell you that this hack will magically speed things up, so when you hit the market for an ice bag, make sure to buy some salt as well. To your knowledge, the salt simply lowers the freezing point of the ice cubes and leads them to do their heat-absorbing job faster and keep the bottles cold for longer. Can’t you believe it? Why don’t you try it for yourself once?

Running Water Method

How to Keep Drinks Cold Without a Fridge?

If there’s no way for you to get some ice then its liquid form will also do. And by that, we mean water! And, plenty of it! But you don’t want to waste water, do you? Then why not use what Mother Nature gave us? While on a picnic, hike, or camping site, it is more likely for you to find a creek, lake, or stream. So, just take the drinks and keep those in the water source. Apparently, the result will not be as good as the ice bath, but we can assure you that this process will keep the coolness of those bottles to a great extent, at least those drinks will stay much cooler than the atmospheric temperature around you.

Wrap it up in a Blanket

You’ll be surprised to know that your blanket can come in handy to keep your drinks cool. No wonder, blankets work great as insulations. This means that they don’t allow heat or cold waves to escape through them. So just wrap your precious cold drinks in an insulating blanket and let them nap for a while. It’s indeed as easy as it sounds! This method will keep your drinks cold for a long time just like a good flask would. Insulating blankets are quite affordable so why don’t you try and check them out?

Newspaper Trick

In case you don’t have a blanket anywhere near you, you’ve got nothing to worry about as a newspaper or napkin or a towel also gets the work done quite efficiently. For this, soak the newspaper or towel in water and completely cover up the entire bottle or can with it. Leave it in a shady and windy place, not to mention a place away from the sun’s contact is much more preferable. This process will keep the coolness of those cold drinks pretty outright, so you keep on sunbathing as your drink does the shade bathing.

Double Pot Evaporation

Now let’s get to a more elaborate one. For this method, as the title suggests, you will be needing two pots. The pots can be made of plastic or any other material but the clay ones are preferable as they are the best insulating material.

Now, get a large pot and fill the bottom inch with sand of any sort. Afterward, take a smaller-sized pot and place it on top of the large pot. Fill it up with 3-4 bottles of drink. Then fill up the gap between the large and small pot with sand. To dampen the sand, you will need to water the soil.

Make sure that the soil doesn’t turn into a puddle of mud. You just want it to be damp. To finish it all off, cover the smaller pot with a napkin or towel drenched in water. As the water in the larger pot evaporates, it takes out the heat from the bottles in the smaller pot, helping it to stay cool. Sounds like a miracle? Well, people in the early ages used this method too. So, what’s stopping you from making this cool homemade fridge? If the fact is that you do not have free time because you are a student, then order an essay at and enjoy your free time and spend it on more interesting things for you.

Bury the Bottle

Not in a mood for doing all the techniques double pot evaporation involves? Then let us introduce you to an easy yet effective way out. 

For this, you just need to dig up a hole in the ground and bury the bottles in it. Make sure that the top of the bottle is still peaking from the ground. As the ground temperature is cooler than that of our atmosphere, the temperature of your cold drink should remain consistent. Keep in mind, that the deeper the hole, the cooler the soil, therefore the cooler your drink.

Wait for the Moon

Believe us! It’s not as weird as it sounds and it assuredly doesn’t involve black magic. Typically, the temperature drops low at night. So if you are camping or hiking then keep that bottle of drink outside before going to sleep or for a few hours. You might want to cover it up with a cold towel to ensure evaporation of the water which fastens the cooling process. This might not be as effective yet it’s usable and our ancestors used to follow this trick too so why not give it a try?

Why Leave out the Washing Machine?

The washing machine in your basement might seem futile when the electricity has gone but no it’s not! When your freezer isn’t working, you can employ your washing machine to the rescue. It is a great insulator that doesn’t let the cold escape through it and the heat enter its chamber. Tuck in your favorite bottle of drinks into the washing machine, but safety first so ensure that the wire is not plugged in. Close the lid and that’s all. Your drinks will remain cold in there as long as the lid is shut properly.

Got a Cast Iron pot?

The cast-iron pot is mostly known for heating things but this time, the tables are turned. Much like the other pieces of equipment that we used in the previously mentioned methods, a cast iron pot is a really good insulator so it doesn’t let the cold blow away. You scarcely need to put any effort into this one. Keep some bottles of drinks in the pot and cover them up with a drenched cloth. If you want to accelerate the speed then we recommend you put some ice in it. Yet, it’s all good on its own. You might want to place the bottles or cans close to one another to decrease the surface area for the coldness to escape. This should keep your drinks cold for a while.

Final Thoughts

We earnestly hope that after going through our list of methods on how to keep your drinks cold without a freezer, you will never have to sip on a warm bottle of beer or coke ever in this lifetime! No doubt, the option of the ice bath happens to be the best way to keep the temperature down, but the rest options are also very effective if you get to execute them by the book. However, we’re sure if not all, at least some of the hacks have definitely lived up to your mind. So, make sure to try them during your next camp or the miserable period of a power outage. Good luck!

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